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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Meadows School.

My name is Ed Reilly and I am the School Principal.

I began working at Meadows School in April 1998. During my time at Meadows I have been employed as a Project Worker, Teacher, Head of Key Stage, and Assistant Principal, becoming the Principal in April 2020. This career path has given me valuable insight into all aspects of school life and the needs of our pupils.

Much has changed during this time, but our core ethos has remained consistent

  • to engage and work with students who can benefit from the Meadows School environment,
  • to enrich their lives with new and rewarding experiences, and
  • to empower our pupils to make choices and have opportunities in their lives beyond school.

My aims for Meadows School are:

  • that we listen to and work in partnership with our stakeholders for the benefit of our pupils.
  • that we have high expectations of one another (including pupils), and that we work with one another to unlock  potential.
  • that our school community supports one another and is a place of continuous learning for all (pupils and staff).
  • that we safeguard our pupils and staff to ensure their well-being and protection from harm.
  • that we work together for common goals.
  • that we continue to provide high-quality education, pastoral and well-being support for our pupils. 
  • that we provide equality of opportunity for all at Meadows School and that we treat others respectfully, without prejudice and in ways we would all like to be treated.