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Daily Routine

Meadows School is open from Monday to Friday in term time.

The first day of every new term (after a break) begins at 11am.

Main School

For all other days, students are expected to be at school for 9am.

You will usually be brought to school in a taxi which will drop you off to members of the Day Team outside.

We are doing things a little differently whilst we are going through the Covid pandemic so you will go to your classroom when you arrive at school where you can have some breakfast if you are hungry.

Lessons begin at 09:00 am and there are 7 lessons in the school day.

In the morning there is a break at 10:55 - 11:10 am.

Lunchtime is at 13:10 - 14:00 - you will have been able to choose what you want during the morning. Lunch at the moment is eaten in the classroom with your tutor group then you can join in with different activities which are run for you.

School finishes Monday-Thursday at 15:45. On Fridays we close a little earlier so you will finish at 13:45 (there are only 5 lessons on a Friday).

Primary Site

Our Primary site has its own timetable.

16+ Site

At our 16+ centre there is a different kind of routine. Your timetable is built around the learning you need and want to do. There is the opportunity to attend a local college or other learning centre where you will be supported by Meadows School staff as much or as little as you need.

We offer courses in many subject areas including construction, animal handling, AS and A Levels, childcare and many more.

In terms of on-site learning we cover English and Maths, Outdoor Adventure activities, home cooking skills and more.