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Core Offer

Pupils we can support:

Including but not limited to:


  • Learning and Communication difficulties 
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders including autistic spectrum conditions, pervasive developmental disorders & attention and overactivity problems 
  • Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder & Foetal Alcohol related Neurological Disorder 
  • Attachment difficulties, abuse and neglect experiences and other adverse childhood experiences and developmental trauma 
  • Conduct and behavioural difficulties, disruptive behaviours 
  • Anxiety, repetition and somatic difficulties 
  • Mood problems and emotional dysregulation 
  • Sensory processing differences  
  • Fine and gross motor skill difficulties 
  • Memory Difficulties, Executive Functioning & cognitive processing difficulties 
  • Emotional Literacy needs 
  • Social Skills needs  
  • Communication & Interaction difficulties  


Meadows School main campus is on an open 19 acre site which includes woodland. We develop our pupils’ resilience and confidence so that they make sensible decisions whilst developing their independence. We enrich our pupils’ lives by providing them with opportunities to develop their resilience, confidence and independence.

'Leaders and staff provide a wide range of opportunities beyond the school. These support pupils’ cultural understanding and broaden their horizons and views of the world.' (Ofsted 2022)