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A young person must meet our admissions criteria in order to gain a place at Meadows School. These include:

  • The young person being aged between 7 and 19 years old on the date of admission. Admissions can take place throughout the academic year.

  • The young person having an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or in the process of application with completion due shortly.

  • Parents or the responsible authority being able to guarantee regular home leave.

Referrals Process

Stage 1 - consideration of referral papers

The school receives the prospective student's referral papers and considers the application. If a decision is made not to progress with the referral then the referral agency will be informed in writing and, whenever possible, an alternative will be suggested. Parents/carers can be invited in to meet the team and view the school before a formal interview is offered.

Stage 2 - the student visits the school

A school visit is arranged to meet the young person, parents/carers and social worker/support worker where appropriate. After the meeting the young person will be informed that they must contact the school to express a wish to attend Meadows.

The local authority will be informed in writing of the outcome of the visit, and whether a placement has been offered or declined.

Stage 3 - a placement is offered

Any special arrangements and an admission date will be agreed with the local authority. If no place is currently available, placement on a waiting list will be offered.

A home visit by two members of staff will be carried out so that the staff team can fully understand the student's needs and any questions can be asked by those involved in the meeting.

The new student will have an admission meeting. The 30 day assessment period will commence following this meeting. Upon arrival a behaviour checklist, resilience testing and baseline assessment reports on levels of attainment in English and Mathematics are completed. This information is used during the initial period of assessment prior to confirmation of placement.

During the first three weeks of the assessment period a behaviour profile is completed by the key staff surrounding the young person. When the three-week report is completed any concerns regarding the appropriateness of the placement will be highlighted to the parent/carer and referring authority.

During the assessment period, if placement is evidently unsuitable, the place will be terminated with written reports forwarded to the referring authority as soon as is practicable.

If the assessment period is successful, the Parent/Carer and referring authority will be advised of the Placement Panel Meeting.

'Students respond to the nurturing, individualised support that they receive, and flourish'

(Ofsted Care 2020)