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About Us

  • Placements at Meadows School include the student themselves expressing their wish to attend Meadows School.

  • Students' interests and hobbies can often be a stepping stone to engage them with education and provide opportunities for success.

  • Provision of an allocated pastoral link worker to work with every student and their parents/carers throughout their time at the school

  • Enrichment activities are part of everyday life at Meadows School. Students are able to try new activities, and develop skills and confidence in the classroom and beyond.

  • Key working sessions offer opportunities for visits and off-site activities and can include independent living skills.

  • Access to the school's well-being services which include Speech and Language therapy, Counselling and Occupational Therapy.

  • Students are made to feel included and a part of the school from the moment they start at Meadows School and are involved in target setting and progress reviews.

  • Celebrating achievements through school assemblies, weekly and annual prize giving ceremonies

  • Students can achieve success in a variety of areas from nationally-recognised accreditations to school awards.

School Aims
  • To assist students in celebrating their ability, race, religion, colour, culture, gender, family network and community for life in a diverse society.

  • To provide a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum to include the National Curriculum; which encourages every student to acquire high standards of knowledge, skills and understanding relevant to adult life and the worlds of work and leisure.

  • To encourage each student to develop to their true potential.

  • To develop self-esteem and good personal image yet be sensitive to the needs of others.

  • To help each student to become happy, independent, caring people, capable of making a contribution to both society and the community.

Meeting Student Need

From the time of admission to Meadows School each student is treated as an individual with their own specific needs.  After a period of review and assessment, the school prepares an Individual Risk Assessment and Crisis Support Plan,  Provision Plan and Individual Care Plan if appropriate.

The majority of the students placed at the school will need considerable adult agency support.

There are regular reviews of a student’s progress as required, namely; a 3-week in-house progress review, a New Student Progress Review (typically held at around 6 weeks) Statutory Annual Reviews and thrice yearly ‘Personal Education Plan' (PEP) Reviews (where appropriate).  These usually take place in school and the appropriate individuals are invited to attend.  For students who are causing concern additional meetings might also be convened in order that specific objectives might be reviewed or targets set.