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Students in Years 3-10 are expected to wear a school uniform.

In Year 11 you can write a letter to the Principal asking if you can wear your own clothes.

Students in our Post 16 provision can automatically wear their own clothes but they must be suitable.


All clothing should be labelled clearly with the student’s name

· 2 pairs of black trousers or 2 skirts

· 2 pairs of dark grey/black school trousers (winter)

· 2 pairs of dark grey or black school shorts (optional for Summer)

· 1 pair of black shoes or trainers

   (no coloured flashes)

· No boots or suede shoes.

· 4 white short sleeve polo shirts

   (supplied by school free of charge on admission day)

· 2 black sweatshirts

   (supplied by school free of charge on admission day)

· 1 plain dark (grey/blue/brown/black) weatherproof coat (no logos)

· 1 swimming costume/swimming trunks