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School Community

Our school community doesn't just consist of our current students and teaching staff but also encompasses a number of different groups of people including governors, non-teaching staff, parents and former students. Everyone works hard together to help create a friendly, supportive and challenging learning environment.

Teaching staff

A team of experienced teachers are responsible for subject areas and individual tutor groups. Regular staff meetings ensure all teachers are aware of all students and their differing needs.

Learning support assistants aid the teachers in the classroom, ensuring appropriate ratios of staff: students and supporting individual learning needs.

Non-teaching staff

There are a number of non-teaching staff working at the school. The day pupil team help provide specialist pastoral support to students.

Other non-teaching roles include the maintenance team,  administrative and domestic teams.


Meadows School's Governing Body consists of a Chairperson, a Vice Chair and Governors from the teaching, non-teaching and care staff as well as parent/carer  and community governors.

Governors have responsibility for determining, monitoring and keeping under review the broad policies, plans and procedures within which the school operates. They are not involved in day-to-day management issues.


We work in partnership with parents and carers and we keep them informed about the activities, achievements and events which take place at Meadows School.

Parents and carers are encouraged to play an active part in the role of the school, with regular activities and progress reviews to which parents and carers are invited.

School leavers

When students leave the school they often arrange to revisit the school and come back to update staff on their progress. Members of staff also contact student leavers regularly to find out how they are doing and offer further careers information if applicable.

'Relationships between the staff and the students are meaningful, trusting and positive'

(Ofsted Care 2020)