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Key Workers

All students have a named key worker from the Pastoral Staff Team who will provide pastoral support and guidance both in and outside the classroom.

The key worker will also help create opportunities for students to pursue new experiences and improve their social and independence skills. These may include external courses, educational trips and independent travel training. Key working sessions take place regularly where the key workers and students can exchange information and talk through any issues which might arrive.


...students said that they feel safe, and that they can approach staff with any worries or concerns they have (Ofsted Care, 2019)


The Key workers office is somewhere to go when you don’t feel right and are worried and need to talk. They come to your house and help you. They talk to you and give advice. They help me understand why I get in trouble and how I can change it. They use the word ‘potential’ a lot, always saying I have it and should use it more, it’s good. When I do something bad they speak to my parents, but they don’t phone about the little things, unlike my old school. We work it out in school instead. - Jamie